, LLC first began as The Grill Store & More in 1998 as a brick-and-mortar store located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Michael and Ladina Hackley, its original owners, poured their hearts and souls into its success and growth, working seven days a week during its first year of operation. Their hard work paid off; in just two years, The Grill Store & More opened a new Baton Rouge location and a franchise in New Orleans.

Our first websites appeared in 2000 with the launch of and then in 2001. The website was a success, as became one of the world’s leading websites for outdoor cooking products. We decided to put our efforts into providing a top-notch web experience to reach customers throughout the United States. Our product line increased as we focused on becoming a true online superstore. In 2004, we formed our parent website,, and have since launched an array of sister sites offering products ranging from outdoor kitchen appliances and patio furniture to kitchen cookware and indoor fireplaces. ShowroomStarting in 2012, we have begun to return to our brick-and-mortar roots with the opening of a retail store at our home base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While we have maintained our core values, our new store has grown far beyond what Michael and Ladina imagined when they opened The Grill Store & More in 1998. Our showroom features a three-quarter acre display area filled with high-quality patio furniture, a full line of kitchen cookware and over twenty fully-functional outdoor kitchens.

Since our inception, we have emphasized two things above all else: customer service and product knowledge. We know that these two points are the keys to satisfying our customers over the long-term, and we know that treating customers the right way is the best way to encourage anyone to return to us for years to come. We are confident that our efforts will continue to fuel our growth, and we are steadfast in our commitment to our customers.

The Internet can often be an impersonal and cold place. While the conveniences of online shopping have tremendous advantages for shoppers, too many websites fail to add the personal touches that connect them with customers. In an effort to ensure that we maintain the connection we strive to build with our customers, we offer a series of online education videos. Our company chef, Tony Mantassa, walks customers through our products on our video channel. Tony shares grilling techniques and some of his favorite recipes while providing grilling demonstrations.

Further, we put forth considerable effort to help our employees grow. By conducting thorough training seminars, we pass the customer service expertise we have developed through the years to all our our employees. In fact, much of the motivation for opening our Baton Rouge storefront was to establish a location where our team can be trained to excel at customer relations in a traditional setting reminiscent of our roots. Each of our team members is encouraged to spend time working in our store to gain knowledge of our products and meet some of our customers face-to-face. We are one of a select group of online retailers that can provide this service, and we are proud to have developed it.

Since day one, our owners and managers have been involved in every facet of our operations. From stocking to warehouse work to answering the phones, we ensure that our management and ownership understand the entire scope of our operations. Every employee, from upper management to our newest team members, learns how our business is run at every level.

All of this effort is directed towards making the customers shopping experience with us as easy and enjoyable as we can possible make it. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing